End of a Great Year!

Salmon River Elopement-Thea Martin-0029.jpg

As you can see this year was so overwhelmingly busy and successful I have had no time to share it here. So, just a quick note now to give you a recap of how 2018 went. South Fork Flowers had a great time sharing the beauty and bounty of the seasons at the McCall Farmers Market and enjoyed developing the great relationships with our local florists, Farm to Market Flowers and McCall Weddings. I figured out what works and what does not work. Each time a new flower would come into bloom, I would have a new favorite. So many new plans for next year’s adventure, I can’t wait to start the new season! For now, I will keep ordering my seeds, and planning, and redrawing what I think I want to have next year….New greenhouse, new cool room, more dahlias, more roses, and overall more fun. Thank you to everybody who helped make 2018 happen!