The Beginning


Sitting inside watching the snow fall on the landscape, surrounded by seed catalogs and garden plan drafts, I explore the endless flower options for summer!  Where to begin?  I have spend hours drafting and redrawing the garden plans for 2018.  Each time it looks like I fit it all in I find a new variety of Zinnia I have to have.  Or a dahlia, love-in-th- mist -- cup and saucer vine, why not? More peonies, of course!  Like I said, it never ends...  Thanks to the new flower movement of locally fresh flowers, us flower farmers have more options from up and coming suppliers that share the same passion for quality blooms.  A huge shout out to Floret for proving seeds and knowhow that she has cultivated over the years.  There is nothing like a flower picked fresh form the garden.. the smell, the essence, the simple purity is has that brings back thoughts of yesterday when life might have been a little simpler.  Here at the ranch we are looking forward to bring our community one of life's simple pleasures - flowers.  Until then, I should keep focused on the planning, the budgeting!, and making sure the seeds get here in time.  Planting starts in February!