South Fork Flowers is located on the South Fork of the Salmon River in the Idaho Backcountry.  The South Fork Ranch has been occupied since 1848 and has been in active production in ranching since 1918.  We added the cut flower operation in 2017 to add beauty to the ranch and offer locally sourced cut flowers to the McCall area. Our farm specializes in growing cut flowers for CSA subscriptions, area farmers' markets, retail stores, florists and designers.  On occasion, we also offer design and styling services for special events.  Here at South Fork Flowers we strive for responsible stewardship of the land, and focus on supporting a healthy community.  Our flowers will arouse feelings of nostalgia, with both scents and aesthetics through seasonality and plant diversity.  We hope to cultivate a greater connection to where your flowers come from.


The Growers

In Their Element


Christina and Wes have been living and working in the backcountry for over eight years.  Their passion in maintaining a simple life as cultivated their knowledge in growing organic food and flowers. In building South Fork Flowers they hope to utilize these skills and passions to create a local source of flowers right here in Idaho. Christina grew up on a dairy farm then started her career as an environmental engineer, only to end up back in the dirt and following her passion for growing fresh, local products.  Living in the backcountry allowed her to fine tune her growing skills and is where she started growing cut flowers for guest ranches on the river.  Now, living at the South Fork Ranch she is excited to offer these beautiful cut flowers to the extended community. Wes, an Idaho native, is an ex-smokejumper out of McCall but has been working in the backcountry for over 20 years.  His main job at the ranch is to make sure everything keeps working!


The Flowers

Local Sustainable Organic


At South Fork Flowers we practice several innovative, organic methods of planting, care and harvesting our field grown annual and perennials. In the spring some of our favorite varieties are ranunculus, sweet peas, anemones, snapdragons, larkspur and tulips. As summer temps start to set in, so do our rows of lisianthus, sunflowers, dahlias, celosia, zinnias, sedum, rudbeckia, feverfew, and Bells of Ireland. Fall brings about a slower pace and cooler mornings in the fields as we harvest heirloom chrysanthemums, zinnias, dinnerplate dahlias, ornamental peppers and amaranthus. These are just a handful of the abundance that fills our fields each season, for more details on the varieties and time available see the flower calendar.  Each year we strive to expand our varieties and pride ourselves in using the highest quality seeds and bulbs.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 80 percent of all flowers sold in the U.S. are imported, primarily from South American industrial flower farms that have a history of using harsh chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides and unfair labor practices. At the U.S. border, flowers must be fumigated to clear customs.  Conversely, South Fork Flowers offers locally grown organic flowers with guaranteed freshness and long vase life.  All of the flowers are hand picked and grown from seed right here in the Idaho backcountry.  Each flower is especially cared for to ensure the experience that flowers are suppose to offer, beauty and food for the soul.